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  • All mares to be flu vaccinated before arrival at Talgrwn Stud Services

  • Mares for AI should arrive just before they come into to season

  • Mares for foaling should arrive about 2 weeks before their due date

  • Please ensure hind shoes have been removed before mare arrives at Talgrwn

  • Passports must accompany mares to the stud

  • Identification and Consent form to be completed and signed on arrival

  • Mares and foals will receive every possible care, attention and supervision, but Talgrwn Stud Services accept no responsibility whatsoever for accident, theft or disease whist at Talgrwn. It is the owners’ responsibility to insure their own horses.

  • All mares inseminated at the owner’s risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, damage or loss caused during foaling and/or AI.

  • Owners must accept that while their mares and foals are at Talgrwn, it is at their risk – no responsibility can be accepted by Talgrwn Stud Services and all liability claims, damages, costs, loss and expense of any kind whatsoever are hereby expressly excluded.

  • Talgrwn Stud Services reserve the right to refuse entry to any mare or foal that they consider to be an unacceptable health risk to staff or other mares.

  • Talgrwn Stud Services does not give any express or implied guarantee of success.

  • The Stud is not responsible for semen supplied which is: incorrectly labelled, arrives with incorrect paper work or in an unsuitable condition upon arrival. Similarly the Stud is not responsible for the failure of semen to arrive on time.  

  •   Frozen semen stored at the Stud on behalf of stallion and mare owners is done so at their own risk and they are responsible for insurance of the semen. The Stud reserves the right to charge for the storage of any frozen semen if it is held over from one stud season to the next.  

  • All accounts must be settled before the mare leaves Talgrwn

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